Classical Definition

Finance noun

The system that includes the circulation of money, the granting of credit, the making of investments, and the provision of banking facilities.

Source: Merriam Webster

Evolved Definition

Finance noun

The vein connecting teams with data and companies with capital. 

Source: First Water

First Water is different from other financial consulting firms, we are the one-stop finance shop helping aspirational businesses drive clarity, visibility, and execution. Through ever-improving technical skills, thought leadership, market research, and the creation of Relational Finance, we are redefining finance (literally). 

Finance knowledge and capabilities should be available on a cost-effective basis and free from the natural conflicts of traditional financial consulting firms and their service models. With our finance toolbox, the Relational Finance model, and our team, First Water has created the solution for the market’s biggest problem: Access.

  • Access to the finance expertise and sounding board to explore options, plot the path forward, and confidently take the next step.
  • Access to the tools and processes to harness your data and build credible projections to keep your finger on the pulse and set achievable goals.
  • Access to diverse finance perspectives to strategically tailor your story and engage effectively with stakeholders and capital providers.
  • Access to the team and capital network to support you through all phases of capital raising and transaction execution, with partners on your side of the table with ‘other side’ experience.

Business leaders can now leverage finance as an asset and competitive advantage. If you seek horsepower and perspective to pursue the next phase of growth, strengthen decision-making, increase team accountability, protect what you’ve built, and/or monetize the value you’ve created, First Water is a partner to accelerate you along your path.

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