Finance Acceleration


First Water has the team and model to efficiently solve for your project, workshop, and board advisory needs.

High impact deployment to get things done well and add horsepower to the crew. First Water is a proven resource to management teams, investors, and boards.

What is Financial Acceleration?

With other First Water offerings being recurring or transaction-focused in nature, Finance Acceleration comprises our project consulting and senior advisory solutions.

Whether it is parachuting into a first-time private equity-backed company following acquisition, supporting a board of directors in assessing an opportunity, or providing workshops to align teams, First Water is committed to making access to finance expertise accessible when and where it is needed most.

PE Portfolio Company Initiatives

Reporting stand-up and enhancement. Budgeting and forecast process improvement. Transaction preparation, due diligence, carve-out/integration, and system implementation support. If it touches finance or data and private equity cares about it, we’ve been there hand-in-hand with leadership teams, finance teams, operating partners, and private equity professionals.

Without the focus on single consultant utilization of a traditional consulting firm, we are a more flexible and cost effective solution for portfolio company and other project-based initiatives. First Water has a long track record of successful results for prominent private equity investors and project consulting engagements.

Board Support

Boards are in place to help wrestle with the big questions and decisions. Populated by owners, investors, and experienced operators and entrepreneurs, there is often a demand for more information and/or incremental perspective than a company can provide.

First Water prepares teams for board engagement, presents to boards of directors, and serves on advisory boards, bringing the finance horsepower and/or senior experience to support effective dialogue and confident decisions.

Workshops & Assessments

Most of our Managed FP&A and Capital & Transaction engagements start with a defined Discovery period. We choose to invest in the front end of relationships to make sure we get it right, for time, deliverables, and costs. This is a different mentality from those who focus on the value of the single opportunity versus that of the relationship.

Sometimes, Discovery is the entirety of the ask, delivered in the form of workshops or assessments to build a plan or align team members around best practices. Examples include our finance readiness workshop (driven by FiRe Score), finance function assessments, and finance team design.


Growth goals, funding requirements, and owner objectives are critical inputs to plot the optimal course. Aligning the three roadmaps (growth, capital, personal) is a core component to First Water’s mission and relationship building. It starts with our free finance readiness assessment tool, FiRe Score, which takes less than five minutes.

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To support growth, attract capital, and transact with confidence.

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Grab some time with a member of the First Water team to start a dialogue about your goals and how the finance experts at First Water can propel you down your path.