Trust is on Your Side of the Table

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Traditional finance models come with a bevy of natural conflicts.

Especially in finance, business owners and leaders have lacked true sounding boards. They need help to vet options and navigate the minefield.

Have a great business and get introduced to a private equity firm? Know they can’t lift a finger to help you prior to the capital flowing. Also, they are incentivized to buy low and sell high.

That’s no indictment of private equity. They are a critical source of capital in the market and many firms are stocked with savvy professionals that can help add value to your business (once they are invested).

Know the models and potential conflicts when you sit down for that first conversation.

More often than not, the person or group on the other side has economic incentives that can run counter to yours. The responsibility for education is yours, and the time to school up is not when you are about to buy or transact!

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