Open Position: Community & Marketing Operations Associate

Note: The application for this role can be found at the bottom of this page or here.


The title of this position may not be accurate, though it was chosen to align with “marketing operations” so that the algorithms could get it in front of the right audience. The actual title can be whatever makes sense for roles and responsibilities such as: content re-purposer, standardized format creator, event and membership outreach manager, mar-tech automator, and editor (or editing overseer). We are a unique combination of a professional services organization with a membership community, and as a result this role (a first for us) has the opportunity to support the team in multiple ways and may evolve based upon the capabilities and interests of the energetic person who grabs it by the horns.

Note: we are considering both part-time and full-time options for this role, please let us know your preference when you apply!


You’re early in your professional career, with a keen interest in how content and thought leadership are consumed and distributed. Utilizing technology and software is second nature, and building competency quickly with new tools is a strength. Generative AI is of interest, though you understand it (currently) represents a pathway to more process efficiency, and is not an ideal source of original content creation.

You may not have any background in finance, professional services, or membership communities, but you grasp why and how we serve companies and leaders, and embrace the rebel nature of our ecosystem versus the rigidity of much larger organizations. If you lack a competency in a certain area, you either build it quickly or can manage a third party/freelancer. Project management (with perhaps a bit of OCD) is something you lean into to keep multiple projects on the rails, and you’re comfortable being pulled in different directions and delivering on time sensitive needs.

Most importantly, you relish the idea and opportunity of being part of a small team in a growth company, flipping the table over compared to how traditional/legacy advisory firms think about sales and marketing, and taking the reins of your own professional development through self-directed learning. All of which sound fun and fulfilling. That’s why you’re here (and will read the rest of this role description, thank you for that!).


First Water Finance (FWF) is the Finance Advancement Platform, connecting finance leaders, business owners, and capital partners within a finance ecosystem spanning financial planning and analysis (FP&A), corporate finance, and community. We are data and deal people focused on scaling dialogue in an increasingly transactional world. FWF has supported over 100 management teams, investment firms, and partners with an emphasis on emerging and mid-market businesses who have growth, acquisition, or monetization goals, and either have accessed or will need to access institutional capital (such as private equity).

We are integrated with The CFO Alliance (CFOA), a nationwide peer group community of CFOs and other finance leaders. We are a strategic partner and lead sponsor of the organization, creating an ecosystem that combines FWF’s FP&A business process outsourcing (Managed FP&A), FP&A and corporate finance related project consulting, and transaction advisory solutions with CFOA’s peer group community, network of sponsors and vetted partners, and talent acquisition services for the Office of the CFO. This combination represents a step-change evolution in the world of professional services – no other finance advisory firm offers the breadth of finance solutions, flexibility of engagement (outsource, implement, transact, recruit, refer), and commitment to pour into the professional development of the finance leaders we work alongside every day.

When it comes to content, we are positioned to stand out. By working day-to-day with finance leaders, and leading content and education in a community of senior finance professionals, we have the differentiators that keep the AI machine at bay. This includes benchmarking through community sentiment reports, technical finance expertise in-house, members and partners engaged in joint content creation, live events, and case studies. Data-informed, authority-backed, and use case applications underpin what we create – we need your help to amplify and meet members and our audience where and how they want to consume (long- vs. short-form, text/audio/video, social channel, etc.).


This position is first of its kind inside First Water, touching all aspects of our business and partner companies/members/partners. Given its breadth, it’s a great opportunity for a junior professional looking to rapidly expand his/her skill sets and take ownership of various processes. There is significant room to run in advancement, limited only by how quickly you can learn and build trust.


  • Long-form content re-purposing across text, audio, video, etc. using numerous tools including AI-based applications;
  • Standardizing templates and formats for use across all channels (briefs/whitepapers/task force reports, social posting and graphics, blogs, etc.);
  • Managing outreach automation and tracking using multiple mar-tech tools and SaaS applications;
  • Live and virtual event management;
  • Community engagement and communication support (direct and via online community platform); and,
  • Manage third parties and/or freelancers on any marketing-related initiatives.


  • 2-5 years in some form of “marketing operations” role(s);
    • Background in professional services / consulting or other financial services is a plus, but not a requirement;
  • Your ability to convince us you can learn our business, effectively work with our technologies/software applications, get things done, and enjoy doing all of these;
    • There is a significant tech stack at your disposal, including CRM (Hubspot), project management (Monday), Zoominfo, various editing and automation tools for content work and marketing automation, online community platform (GlueUp), among others (which you can influence/add to based on your capabilities); and,
  • Client-facing and customer service attitude; this is a “glue” role that will be engaged with a wide number of stakeholders, so you represent First Water as much as anybody else on the team!

Note on Remote Work / Work-From-Home:

  • We are headquartered in Houston, TX, though we serve partner companies across North America.
  • We value face-to-face collaboration for process design, troubleshooting, onboarding/training, and team camaraderie; however, we currently have fully- remote team members and are open to flexible work setups for the right candidates.