First Water Announces Managed FP&A Solutions (MFS) for Small and Midsize Businesses to Accelerate Finance Capabilities

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Houston, TX – May 21, 2019 – First Water has launched Managed FP&A Solutions (MFS), a done-for-you financial planning and analysis (FP&A) offering designed specifically for small and midsize businesses (SMBs).  In conjunction with the launch, First Water has also published its FP&A whitepaper, Unleashing FP&A, available for free download on the company’s website.

“Smaller businesses typically do not have dedicated finance teams, a stark difference and disadvantage compared to larger companies with the financial footprint to justify separate accounting, FP&A, treasury, and corporate development functions,” said First Water CEO, Benjamin Lehrer. “Yet, core FP&A capabilities including reporting, business intelligence (BI), budgeting, and forecasting are critical for every company to enhance decision-making, manage risk, and get out in front of opportunities.”

Historically, an internal team of varying experience levels would be required to efficiently design, develop, implement, and maintain critical tools and processes. MFS delivers the benefits of FP&A with the modularity to pick and choose among capabilities, the cost-efficiency of a team-based approach, and no incremental investments in software, lengthy implementation processes, or employee training.

“First Water MFS represents finance micro-disruption for SMBs. While we can tout a new era of finance access for a fraction of the cost of the traditional internal team, the real goal is fostering dialogue between management teams and finance experts,” continued Lehrer. “The best parts of finance are people-driven, including storytelling, goal-setting, and accountability. However, so much of the market’s focus is on software development. MFS brings capabilities and people around the table to have impactful conversations that lead to confident decisions.”

Suitable for both businesses with seasoned finance teams and those with no in-house finance personnel, MFS is a valuable part of the finance arsenal used to manage companies and present compelling narratives to external groups. By building and enhancing an FP&A track record, leaders can enhance team accountability, growth planning, capital raises, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and sale transactions.

About First Water

First Water is the one-stop finance shop connecting teams with data and companies with capital through Relational Finance. We combine the full spectrum of finance capabilities, the innovative Relational Finance model, and a team of diverse finance professionals to create efficient and cost-effective ways for aspirational businesses to leverage finance to drive clarity, visibility, and execution. For more information about First Water and learn more about Managed FP&A Solutions (MFS), visit us at or call us at (713) 280-7150.