Capital is the Lifeblood

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It’s easier than it has ever been to get into business. With outsourcing and automation, you don’t need many of the assets or people that you once did to penetrate industries. However, one thing remains constant – you need capital. To build, to ramp, to operate, to invest, to grow.

Capital, and access to it, may not be the only critical thing for your business and its likelihood of success…but try to win without it and its importance will inevitably shine through. Capital pumps through company veins, it is the lifeblood and a skill that must be honed and mastered.

You can bring a “capital mentality” to any facet of your business…since every decision has financial ramifications. Expenses become investments, opportunities get prioritized based on risk and return, and success gets defined based on ROI, or ROIC (return on invested capital).

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