Reporting & Business Intelligence (BI)

The purpose of data is dialogue. We can’t say it enough. As business grow and teams expand, it becomes more difficult for leaders to keep their fingers on the pulse in the same way they once could. The key to staying in touch and delegating to other team members is communication. Further, strong communication is contingent on the right kind of information changing hands to support the right conversations.

First Water has deep experience in helping organizations determine the right data and key performance indicators (KPIs) that offer actionable insights into performance and represent the levers of value creation. Beyond identification, we specialize in developing the tools and processes to aggregate, analyze, and visualize that data for leaders throughout an organization.

Related Pain Points

“I get pulled in many directions. It’s hard to keep my finger on the pulse and hold people accountable.”
“Bankers and investors speak a different language, I’m unsure how to best tell my story.”

While we are your trusted partner for getting the right data into the hands of you and your team, we take this a step further with our understanding of how capital providers analyze businesses. Lenders care about different factors than a growth equity partner.

First Water has the experience of efficiently presenting information to these groups, because our team has sat in each of those outside seats. First Water is the only resource that can combine these data skill sets with a number of finance perspectives. Through RootSource, we help tell the story of your business’ performance, but importantly we also help you tell the story of your business.

Managed FP&A Solutions (MFS) is one way we bring these reporting and business intelligence capabilities into your business, where First Water develops, implements, and maintains your reporting on an ongoing basis. This first-of-kind solution offers businesses a tiered capability set to customize reporting and BI needs on a cost-effective basis.

Managed FP&A Solutions