Growth & Capital Roadmap Alignment

First Water helps partner companies become and remain “finance ready”. However, there is no single list of the right capabilities or requirements that determine Finance Readiness (FiRe). Every business is unique, and beyond that, the preferences of owners impact today’s decisions and the long-term plan.

In order to determine whether a business is finance ready, the growth and capital roadmaps must first be aligned with personal preferences. Key questions include:

  • Do you want to grow faster than what you can achieve by reinvesting current profits?
  • What is your appetite for taking on debt to fund growth?
  • Are you thinking about your exit plan and what it would mean to have an equity partner?
  • How much risk are you willing to take to go after faster growth?
  • What is going on outside the business that might impact how much income you need to take out of the business?

Every one of our partner company relationships starts with an exploratory conversation surrounding “What do you want to accomplish?” and “What are you willing to do/accept to pursue those goals?” If you cannot tell, we ask a lot of questions.

Related Pain Points

“I’m not sure what kinds of financing fit my business and my goals.”
“Selling is my goal, soon or down the road, and I want to maximize value when I pull the trigger.”

When working with First Water, this is not a one-off dialogue. Markets and preferences change. Life events happen. We’re here to help identify and assess options for the path forward, and the flexibility of our model allows us to tweak and pivot to meet your goals, even when they change.

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